Land Spills Application

Land Spill

is the release of liquid petroleum hydrocarbon into the land, either due to operational activities or by accident. It is also a form of pollution, bringing negative effects on land and the earth life. Oil spilled on land prevents the soil from absorbing water and spills on grasslands or any agricultural location can lead to choking off plant life.

The Negative Effects of Land Spill

The presence of oil on land could make fertile land unfit for any plant life because it reduces the ability of the soil to hold oxygen. Since oxygen is the primary element of photosynthesis and plant growth, existing vegetation is at a higher risk for suffocation. New plant growth may also prove to be very difficult, depending on the contamination’s severity.

Land Spills Application

Cleaning Land Spills With AQUAQUICK 2000

Land Spill, although inconvenient and harmful, cannot be prevented. Good thing, there are countless ways to clean up the land contamination. If ever a land spill happens within your area, you can simply get AQUAQUICK GLOBAL environmentally friendly product. It can effectively clean land spill and can protect the environment as well as plant life.

Clean the oil spill as early as possible to avoid the mentioned negative effects above and to protect the animals, environment and even yourself.